Backyard Blitzball

Blitzball is the New Wiffle Ball

Blitzball is great for baseball players who want to practice hitting curve balls both professionally and for fun. Some teams are adopting the blitzball for practice especially for hitters as it helps build hand-eye coordination and is loads of fun. With a design that increases velocity and curved balls, almost anyone including children can help a hitter out with practice. It is a great way for teams to relax and get a good laugh while polishing their skills.

Whatever type of pitch you are trying to attain, it helps to remember that the blitzball will tend to rise about a foot higher due to its natural rising motion. Hitters will also need to practice a bit to hit the ball fair. However, once you get a grip on hitting, almost every hit will result in a home run.

Though safe for backyard use, blitzball is ideal for rather big fields and backyards due to the great distances achievable. It is therefore ideal as a carry along game for picnics, barbecues, beach trips and group outings.

As with most games involving balls and bats, parental supervision is recommended when playing a game of Blitzball. The light weight nature of the blitzballs and their inbuilt curving ability and high speeds make it a good tool for children to learn how to pitch and hit and have a whole load of fun. Though the game is ideal for children who are over 8 years old. However, techniques such as throwing curve-balls are easier to learn with the Blitzball as opposed to normal baseballs without causing strain to a young arm. In addition, consulting a doctor or physician is advised before undertaking new sporting activity including Blitzball to avoid strains and injury.

The almost unpredictable nature of the blitzball’s curving ensure many hours of playing without getting bored. Additionally, it is funny to watch the reactions of batters especially the first few times a pitcher uses a blitzball as the speed and curving are unprecedented. Ensure to record videos of blitzball games as impressive home runs and pitching will take place frequently enough. Blitzball has taken the concept of backyard baseball to a whole new level and is quickly catching on as a fun and interesting alteration to baseball.