Blitzball Leagues

Blitzball Games in your Neighborhood

The competition is held annually and is hosted by the official blitzball with cash prizes for the three top leagues as well as blitzballs and blitzballs t-shirts.

To participate in the competition, you will begin by creating an official sports league page on Facebook, the more detailed the profile, the better. (The category is Entertainment and subcategory Sports League) and on the facebook page provide a link back to the official website. Next, you need to recruit 6 members or more who will be required to be active.

Alternatively, you can create a website instead of a facebook page and provide a link to on your website home page. The next step is to record 3 high quality videos or more of game play highlights each between 3 and 10 minutes long and upload the videos to your YouTube channel. You will then be required to send an email to that contains the name of the league as presented on facebook and a link to the YouTube channel or channel name so that the videos can be reviewed.

All official leagues that meet the above criteria are automatically considered for the prize. Factors considered when choosing the best league of the year include the quality of the footage as well as editing, involvement and activity of the members and how well the league supports and represents the Blitzball brand including media support and community support.

Leagues selected will be informed via email within one or two weeks of submitting their application. The awards are handed out every year in October.